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Primary Calculator, Set of 10

Perfect for independent math practice, Primary Calculator. Bright blue calculator is both solar and battery powered. Students can start with basic math operations and work their way up to percents and square roots. The 4-function calculator includes a 3-key memory, auto shut-off, and an 8-digit display. Buy the set and save! Grades Pre K + Learn More

Beads and Pattern Card Set

Young learners will enjoy stringing together their own patterns with this set of colorful, hardwood beads and laces. Set includes 108 beads in six colors (spheres, cubes and cylinders), two black laces, and 20 activity cards Learn More

Color Paddles, Set of 18

Transparent 6" paddles in six colors with three textures demonstrate the principles of color mixing. Learn More

Jumbo Magnetic Lowercase Letters

Every child loves to build simple words on the refrigerator with magnetic letters. And these durable, plastic letters are brightly colored and BIG for little hands to easily handle. Set of 40 lowercase letters is packaged in a reusable storage container. Learn More

Plastic Base Ten Components: 1 x 1 x 10 CM Rods

Use these Plastic Base Ten manipulatives to teach math concepts, value and grouping while enabling students to easily manipulate and visualize varying quantities. Each rod measures 1 x 1 x 10 centimeters. Learn More

Play Money in Bulk: Pennies

Use these realistic plastic pennies to teach children about money. Learn More

Rubber Bands

Quarter-pound (approximately 250) in assorted colors and sizes. For use with geoboards Learn More

Laminated Hundreds Board

Groups of twos or threes can use these versatile hundreds boards for everything from math games to graphing. Dry-erase markers let students correct mistakes or begin a new activity with ease. Learn More

Color Bean Bags

Bean bags in eight colors offer a rainbow of possibilities for learning and play. Great for developing gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Set comes with suggested activities. Name of color printed on one side of each bag. Learn More

Attribute Block Giant Set in Plastic Storage Tray

Teach shapes, sorting, patterns, size and counting with these giant-sized durable plastic blocks. Sixty-piece set includes five shapes, two sizes, two thicknesses and three colors. Large size allows small hands to manipulate blocks with ease. Set comes in a convenient storage tray with shape sorter that can be used for tracing. Learn More

Overhead Primary Calculator

Four-function, dual-powered calculator fits on the overhead to teach basic math operations, percents and square roots to an entire class. Includes auto shut-off, three-key memory and more. Grades PreK + - Learn More

Transparent Color Counting Chips

Set of 250 transparent counters in 6 rainbow colors, perfect for overhead projectors.. Learn More

Trundle Wheel

Now it's easy to measure long distances using metrics! Counting "clicker" clicks with each meter so students see and hear the measurement. Easy-grip handle adjusts for various student and teacher heights. Non-slip rubber tire for accurate reading. Learn More

Step-By-Step Number Line

Durable vinyl walk-on mat features brightly colored numbers from 1-20. Kids step, hop or leap from number to number while physically reinforcing their number recognition, sequencing and counting skills. Learn More

Large Geometric Shapes

This big, bright set of 10 shapes invites students to explore geometry. Shapes have a common three-inch dimension to illustrate relationships between area, volume, shape, form and size. Plastic shapes include cone, sphere, hemisphere, cube, cylinder, rectangular prism, hexagonal prism, triangular prism, square pyramid and triangular pyramid and are also available in soft foam (LER 6121). Teaching Notes included. Learn More

Shapes Sand Molds

Turn sandbox time into learning time with these kid-sized plastic sand molds in eight common shapes. Press one into clay or sand (or any other similar medium) recognize the shape and learn its name. Also perfect for making simple patterns. Set of 16 molds (2 of each shape) comes with a mesh storage bag. Learn More

Bonus Bill Assortment Set

Large assortment of 500 realistic pretend bills includes 100 each of $1, $5, $10 and $20, and 50 each of $50 and $100 bills. Size of bills simulate real currency! Grades K + Learn More

Reversible Graph It! Mat

How many students are wearing blue gym shoes today? Red ones? Graph it on this 4 x 12 grid/Venn Diagram double-sided vinyl mat. Learn More

Step-by-Step Measurement Mat

Step right up for kinesthetic learning! Large vinyl floor mat features both customary and metric scales for measurement, comparison and conversion activities. Suggested activities included. Mat measures 12'L x 1'W. Learn More

Big-Digit Stopwatch

On your mark, get set, go! Students will love timing each other in various activities across the curriculum with this easy-to-read, waterproof stopwatch. Displays in 0.01-second increments. Features include 12- and 24-hour time, calendar/date display, alarm with hour chime/snooze feature, split-time functions and lanyard for wearing around the neck. Learn More

Gallon Measurement Set

Familiar containers help students identify common liquid capacities. Supports life-skills activities, science experiments, classroom demonstration and individual exploration of liquid measurements and related topics Includes gallon, half-gallon, quart, pint and cup pieces resembling household containers that students recognize Features clear markings of equivalencies Provides Activity Guide with conversion tables 5-Piece set is made of sturdy plastic Grades PreK+ Learn More

Color Dominoes in a Bucket

Children love to play with dominoes, and they're a great way to practice basic math, counting, and sorting skills. Set includes six double-six sets (168 total), each a different color all packed in a convenient storage tub with lid. Learn More

Giant Classroom Money Kit

Jumbo money tray, with see through lid, is filled with 100 plastic pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters; 50 half-dollars; 10 Sacagawea dollar coins; 100 each of $1, $5, $10 and $20; and 50 each of $50 and $100 play money bills. Includes 64-page Money Activity Book. Grades K + Learn More

Liquid Measures

Set of 3 cups with handles marked in ounces and milliliters. Includes cup (8 oz/250 ml), pint (16 oz/500 ml) and quart (32 oz/1000 ml) measures. Learn More

Classpack Tangrams

Now the whole class can practice problem solving! Complete with sturdy bucket container and Teaching Notes, this set of 30 tangrams comes in four assorted colors. Learn More

Magnetic Apple Fractions

An apple a day makes fractions seem like play! Provide a familiar, real-world tool for introducing parts of a whole (early fractions) Illustrates equivalencies, addition and subtraction with fractions Depicts 1 whole, 1/2, 1/3 and 1/4 Includes Activity Guide and 10 color-coded plastic pieces with embedded magnets that allow children to build and take apart apples Apples measure 3"H each Grades K+ Learn More

Hundreds Number Board

Introduce number patterns, sequencing and place value with this durable plastic Hundreds Number Board with recessed squares. Double-sided board features numbers printed on the front and a plain grid for additional patterning and graphing activities on reverse. Includes 100 numbered white tiles, 25 transparent red tiles, 25 transparent blue tiles and Activity Guide. Learn More

Coin Cube Set: Heads and Tails

Kids will make heads and tails of making change with this set of coin cubes. A fun way to learn coins, their values and to add or subtract change. Each die depicts a penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half-dollar and Sacagawea dollar in realistic sizes and colors. Learn More

Circular Sorting Tray

Use this circular sorting tray to help students count, sort and classify their counters. Tray is made of sturdy plastic for years of use. Tray measures 11.25" in diameter and 3/4" deep. Learn More

Wind-Up Tape: 10 M / 33'

Fiberglass measuring tape is marked in cm and mm on one side and inches on reverse. Rolls into sturdy case. Learn More

Magnetic Learning Calendar

Tracking the days becomes a family affair! Helps you include kids in making plans and scheduling activities Invites kids to move the colorful, illustrated magnets to track the date, day of the week, month, season and weather Features write & wipe surface and holes for hanging on a wall or door Includes 51 magnetic pieces and Activity Guide Measures 12"L x 16.5"H Ages 4-8 Learn More

Primary Prepared Slides Set 3, Set of 15

Three-in-one slides help you make the most of your instructional time. Provides 3 different specimens per slide, so students spend less time reloading and more time sharpening scientific observation skills Introduces the use of tools to observe and collect data on a variety of common items, including sugar, mosquito larva, fly wing, cactus and more Includes 12 prepared and 3 blank slides with mounting stickers so students can create their own slides Set of 15 slides measures 3"L x 1"W and stores in the compact carton Ages 8+ Learn More

Money Jar

Kids learn the value of a dollar with this play money set. They can add, subtract, open a pretend store, make change and more. The storage jar with lid is filled with 140 realistic play coins and 80 paper bills ready to play store. Learn More

Play Money in Bulk: Quarters

Nothing but the real thing beats our realistic-looking, plastic quarters for teaching youngsters about money. Coins have serrated edges Learn More

Parquetry Block Super Set

Even young children get in on the fun of creating and matching patterns and designs with these thick, wooden geometric blocks in six brilliant colors. Set includes 32 pieces in a work tray and 20 parquetry pattern cards. Learn More

Giant Soft Cubes: Dots

Giant sized way to roll some fun into math activities and games at home. Set includes two soft foam dot cubes. Learn More

Pan Balance Jr.

This durable plastic junior-size balance lets students measure and compare amounts. Transparent pans allow students to see what they are measuring and relate visual and measured observations. Each pan detaches for easy clean up and holds solids or up to 500 ml of liquid. Learn More

Magnetic Sorting Circles

Foster higher-order thinking skills with these magnetic graphic organizers and manipulatives. Great for whole-class demonstration or sorting and grouping activities in centers, circles adhere to all magnetic surfaces, including classroom white boards. Create a Venn diagram with circles and manipulatives. Or, use just the circles on a white board and write in text to teach comparing and contrasting in any subject. Set includes 1 each of red, blue and yellow circles and 108 shapes. Shapes come in 3 sizes and colors to match the circles. Shapes measure 1/2"-1 1/3"L. Sorting circles measure 10" in diameter. Learn More

Calculator Storage Pocket Chart

Holds up to 35 student calculators in 3.75" x 4" clear numbered pockets. Tough nylon chart has reinforced grommets for hanging. Calculators sold separately. Learn More

Transparent Geoboard

Sturdy plastic, transparent geoboard features a 5 x 5 grid with raised edges to protect knobbed pegs. Perfect for overhead projector. Includes rubber bands. Boards measure 7.25" x 7.25". Learn More

Classroom Measurement Set

This deluxe set is the perfect sized classroom set for learning measurement equivalents. Students practice customary capacities, liquid measurement and metric conversions with suggested activities included. Made of durable plastic, each piece is clearly marked to provide years of use. Includes Teacher's Guide. Set includes: Liquid Measuring: cup: (8oz/250ml), pint: (16oz/500ml), quart: (32oz/1000ml); Standard Spoons: 1/4, 1/2, 1 teaspoon, 1/2, 1 tablespoon; Standard Cups: 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 1; Measuring Jars: gill, pint, quart, half-gallon, gallon (metric 100ml-3000ml) Learn More

Write and Wipe Pockets, Set of 5

Go green! Slip in your own activity masters to create write & wipe activities. Turns every paper into a reusable learning activity for quick-and-easy centers Coordinates with color-coded trim on Center Signs (LER 0482) to provide a helpful visual cue Includes 5 dry-erase markers with eraser tips, which store in the handy loop at the top of each pocket Accommodates most masters, thanks to oversize 10"L x 14"H dimensions Learn More

Plastic Base Ten Components: 1 x 10 x 10 CM Flats

Use these Plastic Base Ten manipulatives to engage students in concrete demonstrations of place value and base ten concepts. Each flat measures 1 x 10 x 10 centimeters. Learn More

Play Money in Bulk: Nickels

Nothing but the real thing beats our realistic-looking, plastic nickels for teaching youngsters about money. Set of 100. - Learn More

Intermediate Pattern Block Design Cards

Thirty-six designs, varying in complexity, entertain and encourage geometric exploration. Great for patterning and reasoning practice. Complete with Teaching Notes. - Learn More

Fun Fish Counters

Beautifully detailed fish counters in 12 realistic shapes are great for party favors, storytelling or even rewards! Set includes 60 counters packaged in a reusable storage container. Learn More

Number Bean Bags

Numbers are as easy as 1-2-3 with this set of colorful canvas bean bags. Set of 10 square bean bags are boldly printed with the number and corresponding numeric word and dots. Includes suggested activities, and comes packaged in a reusable storage container. Learn More

Sorting Circles

Develop strong analytical skills across the curriculum with these versatile circle organizers. Students can group items or concepts with similar and different attributes by making circles into a Venn diagram or other visual tool. Set of six collapsible circles includes two each in red, blue and yellow. Learn More

Primary Calculator

Your early learner can start learning basic calculator skills with this Primary Calculator. They can start with basic math operations and work their way up to more advanced concepts such as percents and square roots. This dual-powered, four-function calculator includes auto shut-off, 3-key memory and more. - Learn More

One-Inch Wooden Color Cubes

These durable hardwood cubes come in six colors and are perfect for beginning counting, patterning, color recognition and building. Also great learning basic geometric shapes. Set of 102 cubes. Learn More

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